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  • Pre-workout Breathe with | Malin Hornkvist

    This breath is designed to quickly open up and loosen the muscles that surround your ribcage to strongly enhance your respiratory system. Use this quick breath session as the perfect pre-workout routine!

  • Malin - Who you really are...

  • Breathe for Self Worth | Malin Hornkvist

    A session designed to help you recognize that you have everything you need within to move you through any struggle. Understand that you have enough and you are enough. Find that inner boost with this energizing and invigorating session. 5 Rounds x 40 Breaths | 30 min

  • Breathe for Gratitude | Malin Hornkvist

    This session is designed to anchor you in moments of stress or help you get grounded by finding more gratitude. Take a break in your day to tune into gratitude in your life with a quick 3 rounds of our signature style breath. 3 Rounds x 30 breaths | under 20 min