45 minutes

45 minutes

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45 minutes
  • Yoga + Breathe Class | Andrew Schultz

    An energizing yoga flow focused on functional movement to release physical stress from commonly tight areas like hips and shoulders. Andrew opens and closes class with breathwork to set the body up for success by enhancing oxygen flow, allowing tissues to lengthen more easily. | 44 min

  • Breathe to Reset | Tyler Forbes

    A Wim Hoff inspired breath work session, designed to recharge and elevate the body. Create mental strength and resilience for the day. A fantastic morning session. 5 Rounds x 40 Breaths | 48 min

  • Breathe to feel Motivated | Tyler Forbes

    A session designed to motivate you to perform at your highest level. A deeper dive into energizing your body and cleansing your mind of thoughts while balancing your body's natural energy. 5 Rounds x 40 Breaths | 40 min

  • Breathe to Relax | Tyler Forbes

    A restorative style of class designed to reduce stress levels along with physical tension and anxiety. Feel as the body and mind melts to reset and relax. 3 Rounds x 40 Breaths | 40 min